Episode One of Unbroken Land 2020 is here!

We are excited to announce that the first instalment of Unbroken Land 2020 is here! 🥳 Share the virtual Unbroken Land experience with your family and friends and stay tuned for the next episode…

The first episode is called “Water” and features artists Tiffany Malthouse and Elizabeth (Lizzie) Trew. Closed caption and audio described versions available.

Click here to watch: http://incitearts.org.au/unbroken-land-2020/

As part of the Unbroken Land 2020 program, the Connect2Culture films show the importance of water and fire in the desert. First Nations Disabled artists Tiffany Malthouse and Lizzie Trew want the audience to experience how vital both fire and water are to them, their ancestors and their culture. Portraying this through the mediums of dance, film and music enables their thoughts, ideas and visions to be understood and heard.

Incite Arts’ Connect2Culture is a professional development, mentoring and performance creation program for Tiffany Malthouse and Lizzie Trew. Connect2Culture explores dance, movement, language, song, art, cultural knowledge, stories, families and connections. The program is based on goals and ideas that both women have, in terms of art, dance, culture and employment.

The program is designed to support Tiffany and Lizzie as emerging artists, enabling them to grow in their knowledge and understanding, delve into new collaborative processes and discuss their aspirations. They have been encouraged to explore their creative potential and build pathways towards professional practice.

Image Description: A young woman with a smile on her face and her arms folded cross her body, hands to shoulders. Droplets of water are falling down.