Episode Six of Unbroken Land is here!

Episode Six “Bloom” is here! Watch all the Unbroken 2020 latest episodes here www.incitearts.org.au/unbroken-land-2020.

Following on with the Unbroken Land 2020 water themed works comes Bloom. After the rain, the inevitable new life blossoms out from the red earth. This episode is a stop motion animation of chalk artwork created by Alice Springs/Mparntwe based artist, Sarah Cook. A stunning visual delight; this episode illustrates the growth of new life emerging from the desert landscape.

Sarah is a Performance and Visual Artist who has worked alongside communities in far-flung regions such as remote areas of Madagascar, Costa Rica, Central Australia and Arnhem Land. She is well known for her leading-edge social circus program with her company Circosis Circus, and her vibrant large-scale chalk art installations.

Image Description: A chalk artwork with a desert landscape in the background, Mulla Mulla grasses, Desert Roses and Sturt Desert Peas are in the foreground. A youthful, feminine face profile is lying facing up into the blue sky looking at a Rainbow Bee Eater bird hovering in the sky above the face.