New ‘stArts with D’ project, CONNECT2CULTURE

CONNECT2CULTURE has been created as a direct response to ‘stArts w D’ Performance Ensemble members’ feedback from their participation in UNBROKEN LAND.

Incite will provide this valuable opportunity for two seasoned members of ‘stArts w D’, Lizzie Trew and Tiffany Malthouse. Tiffany and Lizzie expressed a strong desire to learn more of their family’s indigenous cultural heritage; language, stories, song and dance.

“My family’s from Hermannsburg. My Nanna; she’s my grandmothers, cousins, sister, she still lives there. I visit every second Saturday. I also have an Auntie in Amoonguna. She’s a watercolour painter.

I want to learn about my own culture – language, stories and the dances. I want to know more from family and people I know.

A long time ago when I was 5 or 6 years old my Nanna taught me a dance but since I came to town I’ve forgotten it. I’d like to see if I can learn it again.

I could exchange learning with my family. If they can take me to my family’s country then I can learn proper ways and this could go into the next Unbroken Land.”
Tiffany Malthouse

“I want to dance in the bush and make a music video in the bush.
I want to sing and learn about culture. I have family everywhere (in and around Alice Springs).
I want to learn about my family songs and dances.”
Lizzie Trew

Incite’s vision, for the ‘stArts with D’ Performance Ensemble emerging artists, as well as community participants with disability, places arts and disability practice at the very heart of our community collaborative programs.

We look forward to working with Tiffany, Lizzie, and partner organisation Life Without Barriers in the coming months on this exciting new project.

Top image: Tiffany Malthouse, ‘Meet You at the Edge’, 2014
Second image: Lizzie Trew, Poco Tutti Workshop, 2017