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Poco Tutti & Sisters of Invention Workshop Program

Here for the Desert Song Festival 2017, well known Poco Tutti Choir and all girl band The Sisters of Invention held workshops with Acacia Hill students, as well as members of Central Australia’s own disability led performing arts ensemble ‘stArts with D’.

Internationally acclaimed, The Sisters of Invention are the world’s first disabled girl band.

Poco Tutti, a group of performing artists with disability from Adelaide, are the most experienced singers from the larger Tutti Ensemble that has performed at high profile events nationally and internationally since 2002.

As part of the festival, a schools and community program was delivered by Poco Tutti, designed to educate, inform and to challenge people’s perceptions of the artistic and performance capabilities of people with disability.

This beautiful program culminated with a performance showcase at Acacia Hill School Assembly with everyone: Acacia Hill students, ‘stArts with D’, Sisters of Invention and Poco Tutti.

Also during the workshops, ‘stArts with D’ members recorded an original song! Check out the link below