Unbroken Land

‘Unbroken Land’ is an Incite Arts’ branded framework; a performative community event that provides a platform for collective community storytelling.

‘Unbroken Land’ is about bringing people together through community arts practice to experience diverse stories of belonging, celebrations of culture and our place in the landscape.

‘Unbroken Land’ asks the questions: What ‘dreaming’ are we creating today? What will those that follow in our footsteps inherit from us? ‘Unbroken Land’ creates art that is about a world we want to live in and not the one currently shown in much of popular culture. So much is overwhelmingly, negative and self-perpetuating. We are told we are a divided, racist, intolerant and bigoted society.

‘Unbroken Land’ allows us to tell our own stories to redefine who we are as individuals and as a community, who we want to be and how we want to be seen; and so, create the world we want to be a part of!

Engaging Alice Spring’s rich and creative community diversity, ‘Unbroken Land’ sweeps art into the heart of participants and audiences alike; supports connections between communities and gives expression to powerful and passionate feelings of belonging and our place in the landscape.

Plans for ‘Unbroken Land’ 2018 are well underway with extensive community consultation and creative development being undertaken as we speak. The event will again be hosted by the Alice Springs Desert Park and incorporate live performance, projections, music, dance, recorded stories, video works and more! We will keep you posted as plans unfold and keep an eye on our NEWS page for up to date ‘Unbroken Land’ 2018 news.

Want to know what to expect? Check out interviews with audience members at the 2016 shows!