Unbroken Land 2018

Plans for ‘Unbroken Land’ 2018 are well underway with extensive community consultation and creative development being undertaken as we speak. The event will again be hosted by the Alice Springs Desert Park and incorporate live performance, projections, music, dance, recorded stories, video works and more! We will keep you posted as plans unfold.

See the 2017 media release below for more information on this year’s event and how to get involved:

‘Unbroken Land’ Co-Artistic Directors Jenine Mackay and Virginia Heydon are pleased to announce Incite’s ongoing commitment to ‘Unbroken Land’ in 2017 / 2018.

About the way we work

Incite, Central Australia’s own community-led organisation, uniquely drives innovation through community arts practice to create astonishing art and benchmark new levels of access and inclusion in the region.

Positioned as the key facilitator of community arts in Central Australia, Incite has built strong trust and enduring community partnerships, since 1998, and is a significant contributor to community capacity building through participation in the Arts.

Incite is nationally recognised for innovation, quality and ethical work processes with communities.

Plans for ‘Unbroken Land’ 2018

The process to create the next ‘Unbroken Land’ will happen over the coming two years. The decision to extend the project timeline recognises the demands on individual artists, community groups and organisations to meet their existing commitments as well as develop creative material to be part of this original community event. Doing it this way will allow more people/more time to be realistically and successfully involved.

‘Unbroken Land’ will continue to bring people together to experience diverse stories of belonging, celebration of culture and our place in the landscape.

Set in the unique Alice Springs environs, this shared community arts platform sweeps art into the heart of participants and audiences alike; breaking down barriers, building connections and giving expression to powerful and passionate feelings of home, of our place and belonging.

In 2017-18 Incite will build on the success of ‘Unbroken Land’ 2015 & 2016.

Incite will undertake a community consultation and creative development process throughout 2017 and early 2018 towards achieving a high quality presentation event of ‘Unbroken Land’ later in the 2018 year. This will incorporate live performance, projections, music, dance, recorded stories, video works and more!

Last year’s event, hosted for the second year at the Alice Springs Desert Park, was an outstanding success despite torrential rains and the forced restaging of the event; from the planned outside audience promenade style to inside to the Desert Park cinema/ theatre space. In 2018 we will return to the outdoors!

In 2016 the program included an unprecedented range of community groups including first time participation from: Tangentyere Artists, NT Writers Centre, Akeyulerre Healing Centre, Totem Youth Theatre Club, The Sikh and Indian community, 8CCC Community Radio and Corrugated Iron Youth Arts! We also welcomed old and new members of Sprung Youth Dance, Dusty Feet Dance Collective, ‘stArts w D’ Performance Ensemble, as well as composer Stephanie Harrison and many local artists, artsworkers and crew.

While ‘Unbroken Land’ 2016 was largely curated, 2017/18, under the leadership of the Co-Artistic Directors will see brand new material created, based on the theme and with specific performance sites in mind. Like the concept of ‘slow food’ we will focus on blending sustainable ingredients to create a truly nutritious community celebration for performers and audiences alike, widening Alice Springs’ access to artforms, styles and innovation.

2016 also saw significant steps taken in negotiations with Arrernte Elders who provided invaluable cultural advice and support. 2017/18 will build on these foundations for strong relationships to support greater inclusion of Arrernte cultural expression.

Significantly 2017-18 will see 1st time inclusion of the Southern Ngalia Dancers from the Warlpiri nation, increased engagement of people with disability, established and new migrant communities, as well as more of Alice’s arts community: groups and independent artists.

The next ‘Unbroken Land’ staged process of creative development with artist and community groups and organisations will take the time needed to give due focus to cultural protocols and appropriate time lines, focusing on building quality relationships and content.


Sourcing water mythologies and dreamings from the diverse cultural communities that call this desert place home, ‘Unbroken Land’ will tell a story of how we inhabit this desert environment, ‘a land of droughts and flooding plains’ and our relationship with water.

Water is a primordial element underlays creation myths and stories world-wide. Water is intrinsically part of spiritual beliefs with some water sources identified as sacred and often perceived as dwelling places of supernatural beings.

Water symbolism and uses are many and varied; its spiritual and healing properties are seen in rituals and ceremony, reflecting the vast array of peoples that have made water central to cultural practice.

Water in the stories of Australia’s First Peoples underpins the traditional relations they have to land and communicates important cultural knowledge about the location and care of water, essential to our existence and future generations.

With artists and groups embracing the water theme from inception, Incite’s Co-Artistic Directors will play a vital role framing the creative content and utilising a universal storytelling structure to create site specific episodes. This will anchor the audience’s identification with a recognisable archetype and provide an immersive narrative journey of discovery.

We encourage you to contact us if you are interested in discussing involvement in the ‘Unbroken Land’ program in any way.

Virginia Heydon virginia@inclteya.org.au
M: 0458 526 338
T: 8952 6338

Jenine Mackay jenine@inciteya.org.au
M: 0419 399 710