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Unbroken Land 2020: Stories of connection to nature, place and belonging

Announcing the 2020 virtual delivery of Unbroken Land. Episodes found below… 

Unbroken Land water themed video works will be released episodically from June onwards.

Virtual presentation offers us unique opportunities to showcase the talents of our Alice Springs community on more far reaching online platforms, and to far greater audiences than the original planned live event.

Access and inclusion will remain at the very heart of the virtual Unbroken Land, with closed captioning and audio description access features.

Water is everywhere
Water is powerful, fragile and precious
Water is life
From the mythical to the mundane
From ritual to resource, water connects us all
We all have water stories to share

Join us on this 2020 Unbroken Land journey…

Episode One - Water (Closed Captioning Available)

Episode One - Water (Audio Described)

Episode Two - Fire (Closed Captioning Available)

Episode Two - Fire (Audio Described)

As part of the Unbroken Land 2020 program, these two Connect2Culture films show the importance of water and fire in the desert. First Nations Disabled Artists Tiffany Malthouse and Lizzie Trew want the audience to experience how vital both fire and water are to them, their ancestors and their culture. Portraying this through the mediums of dance, film and music enables their thoughts, ideas and visions to be understood and heard.

Incite Arts’ Connect2Culture is a professional development, mentoring and performance creation program for Tiffany Malthouse and Lizzie Trew. Connect2Culture explores dance, movement, language, song, art, cultural knowledge, stories, families and connections.

The program is based on goals and ideas that both women have, in terms of art, dance, culture and employment. The program is designed to support Tiffany and Lizzie as emerging artists, enabling them to grow in their knowledge and understanding, delve into new collaborative processes and discuss their aspirations. They have been encouraged to explore their creative potential and build pathways towards professional practice.

Episode Three - Flood (Closed Captioning Available)

Episode Three - Flood (Audio Described)

Episode Four - Storm (Closed Captioning Available)

Episode Four - Storm (Audio Described)

Episode Five - Rain (Closed Captioning Available)

Episode Five - Rain (Audio Described)

As part of the Unbroken Land 2020 program, the ‘stArts with D’ Performance Ensemble have created a series of short films, starting with Flood, telling their stories about water. From the dramatic storms with thunder and lightning, water flowing from the sky and flooding the rivers, to that good feeling of the rain on your skin…Water everywhere!

Incite Arts’ collaboration with ‘stArts with D’ is a professional development, mentoring and performance creation program for Disabled artists, including First Nations artists, who are the members of the ensemble.

This initiative, called ‘Move Masters’ provides tailored opportunities for the ensemble of artists, otherwise not available. These artists are committed to working together and creating new artistic works.

Unbroken Land offers them unique showcasing opportunities for their creative voices and ideas to be shared through the mediums of movement, imagery and film. Many of the movements are based on Auslan, which has been incorporated into the creative content of the films. With inclusion and access fundamental to Unbroken Land, these short films model ways of providing access to people with disability both as artists and as audiences.

Please note, some Auslan signs have been modified to suit everyone’s abilities.

Episode Six - Bloom (Closed Captioning Avavilable)

Episode Six - Bloom (Audio Described)

Following on with the Unbroken Land 2020 water themed works comes Bloom. After the rain, the inevitable new life blossoms out from the red earth. This episode is a stop motion animation of chalk artwork created by Alice Springs/Mparntwe based artist, Sarah Cook. A stunning visual delight; this episode illustrates the growth of new life emerging from the desert landscape.

Sarah is a Performance and Visual Artist who has worked alongside communities in far-flung regions such as remote areas of Madagascar, Costa Rica, Central Australia and Arnhem Land. She is well known for her leading-edge social circus program with her company Circosis Circus, and her vibrant large-scale chalk art installations.

Episode Seven - Clouds (Closed Captioning Available)

Episode Seven - Clouds (Audio Described)

As part of the Unbroken Land 2020 program, this Connect2Culture film "Clouds" tells First Nations Disabled Artist Tiffany Malthouse’s story about clouds. Connect2Culture has supported Tiffany to explore dance, movement, language, song, art, cultural knowledge, stories, families and connections.

Collaborating with Mentor Rosie Wild in 2018, Tiffany told this story which was captured and included in Unbroken Land 2018. Now in 2020 and collaborating with Mentor Lauren Jones, Tiffany has developed this visual portrayal of her story to share her thoughts, ideas and feelings about connection to nature and family.

Episode Eight - Letter to the Future (Closed Captioning Available)

Episode Eight - Letter to the Future (Audio Described)

Dance artist Miriam Nicholls has collaborated with her students at OLSH Catholic College to create this Unbroken Land 2020 episode. Letter to the Future has been inspired by the young performers' wish to express a hopeful vision of the future, in which people are learning to live in harmony with each other and the environment, conserving and caring for water as a precious resource amidst a changing climate.

Episode Nine - Ripples Through The Desert (Closed Captioning Available)

Episode Nine - Ripples Through The Desert (Audio Described)

GUTS Dance // Central Australia youth dancers tell their story of waiting for the rain in the desert.

The sun is hot in the sky, white clouds are wispy, birds soar overhead with a brief glimpse of a rainbow. Everyone is waiting for the rain.

Rain that makes puddles for splashing, waterways through the sand, ripples in the desert heat.

GUTS Dance // Central Australia run community dance programs for youth and adults in Mparntwe/Alice Springs.

Episode Ten Coming Soon...