About Us

Incite Arts enriches the lives of all Central Australians through community-engaged arts practice that is accessible, inclusive and responsive.

Incite Arts delivers high-quality, accessible arts programs in collaboration with the communities of Central Australia, focusing on both those who are under-served and those who face barriers to arts engagement.


– Responds to community needs and aspirations
– Expresses and celebrates cultural identity
– Designs and delivers targeted arts programs
– Develops and shares Central Australian stories
– Collaborates and builds strong community partnerships
– Develops and shares Central Australian stories

Groups involved

– Young people
– People with disability
– Aboriginal communities
– Other diverse communities

Established in 1998, Incite Arts is the key facilitator of community-engaged arts practice in Central Australia. Incite has a strong track record using innovative frameworks to achieve unique and impactful arts engagement outcomes.

As a small company interested in big ideas, Incite works in partnership with the region’s diverse communities to develop and celebrate community arts and culture and build local capacity through engagement with the arts.

We bring people from different backgrounds together to share stories, develop skills and build awareness – supporting communities to be more resilient, inclusive, cohesive and creative.

Through engaging communities in performing arts activities, we create extraordinary opportunities that transform the lives of those involved through collaborative, innovative and creative experiences.

Incite runs programs across a range of art-forms. Our programs increase the reach of arts activities through finding new ways to engage people and share stories.

Our commitment to equality and inclusion creates opportunities for communities to participate in arts activities they may not otherwise have access to (from local workshops to national exchanges).

We successfully design and deliver projects through investing in a shared vision of success with partners and participants, adapting to changing community needs and by supporting the value and importance of cultural traditions and knowledge.

We facilitate safe, culturally appropriate environments that support both first time and ongoing arts engagement. Participants and audiences grow through our ability to respond to and celebrate the sharing of community, cultural and self-identity.

We work to build community strengths, connect people to each other, enliven the arts and cultural life, promote healthy living and connect people to place.


Incite began its life as the Alice Springs Youth Arts Group (ASYAG) in 1998. ASYAG was formed as a response to a locally identified need for a vehicle to express young people’s stories in a valid contemporary cultural context. After several years of delivering youth arts activities on a project basis, the organisation became an incorporated not-for-profit association under the name InCite Youth Arts Inc in 2004.

In 2005, Incite began to host and auspice Arts Access Central Australia (AACA), an arts and disability committee that evolved out of the Mapping New Territory Project 2003. The scope of our work expanded further with the introduction of projects in remote Aboriginal communities in 2006.

Following on from the success of these partnerships, work with new communities and extensive consultation, the organisation saw a need to formalise its relationships and re-articulate the scope of its work. In 2013, InCite Youth Arts revised its constitution to become Incite Arts.

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Please contact us on (08) 8952 6338 or email admin@inciteya.org.au to arrange.