Episode Three of Unbroken Land 2020 is here!

The wait is over ⌛️ Episode Three “Flood” is here!

The third episode is part of the ‘stArts with D’ Performance Ensembles series of short films and features artists Monique Sebastiani, Isaac Trew, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Trew, Tiffany Malthouse and Janice Carrol.

Closed caption and audio described versions available. Click the link below:


Please share the virtual Unbroken Land experience with your family and friends and stay tuned for the next episode…

As part of the Unbroken Land 2020 program, the ‘stArts with D’ Performance Ensemble have created a series of short films, telling their stories about water. From the dramatic storms with thunder and lightning, water flowing from the sky and flooding the rivers, to that good feeling of the rain on your skin…Water everywhere!

Incite Arts’ collaboration with ‘stArts with D’ is a professional development, mentoring and performance creation program for Disabled artists, including First Nations artists, who are the members of the ensemble.

This initiative, called ‘Move Masters’ provides tailored opportunities for the ensemble of artists, otherwise not available. These artists are committed to working together and creating new artistic works.

Unbroken Land offers them unique showcasing opportunities for their creative voices and ideas to be shared through the mediums of movement, imagery and film. Many of the movements are based on Auslan, which has been incorporated into the creative content of the films. With inclusion and access fundamental to Unbroken Land, these short films model ways of providing access to people with disability both as artists and as audiences.

Please note, some Auslan signs have been modified to suit everyone’s abilities.

Image Description: A Central Australian desert landscape of flooded clay pans, trees and ranges. A young woman stands, arms sweeping to the side, imposed onto the reflection of the flooded clay-pans.