Unbroken Land 2020 Virtual Delivery Announcement

Artwork Amunda Gorey ~ Graphic Design Nico Liengme

Stories about water. Water is life!

Incite Arts are very excited to announce the re-visioning of Unbroken Land 2020.
We will now see the event and community participation program presented virtually. The first of the water themed productions will be released online on the 10th of June via our website and Facebook. Further productions will be presented episodically until December.

Virtual presentation offers us unique opportunities to showcase the talents of our Alice Springs community on more far reaching online platforms, and to far greater audiences than the original plan to present the event live. We are looking forward to you all joining us on this 2020 Unbroken Land journey.

Access and inclusion will remain at the very heart of the virtual Unbroken Land. The water stories will include accessibility features, making the most of the opportunities virtual delivery offers. Access features for people with disability include: Auslan, captioning and audio describing. Incite Arts are also investigating how to make Unbroken Land more accessible to First Nations People through translation.

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